On attending the webinar you will learn to:


Gain clarity on your highest potential


Learn the keys to be Unstoppable towards your commitments


Understand the power of alignment of your actions with the universal energy

A purposeful talk with Shoonyo (Self Discover Facilitator) and Jigyasa (Happiness Coach) focuses on whether one should live his or her life to the fullest or waste it. They also share their experiences with identifying true desire and how they took powerful actions to achieve it. Don't overlook the useful advice and ideas offered by both during the talk.

If this inner journey calls you, then you are welcome to register.

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09-12-2021 (Thursday)

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm (IST)

"Give yourself a better future instead of the devious mind still ruling your life, taking limited actions and gradually crippling your confidence, making you compromise with living a mediocre life."

- Shoonyo

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About Speakers


Hello everyone, I am Shoonyo. I'm a Self-discovery facilitator. Over last decade I have supported thousands of people from all walks of life on their inner journey.
I have bagged a black belt in Karate, published a spiritual fiction “Looking for the Obvious”, spent years in silence, run spiritual retreats in Europe and India.
I love Zen & Advait. I enjoy doing handstands, listening to soft rock, jazz and relishing coffee.

I call myself a "Happiness Management Coach" I'm on a mission to help 100,000 Working Professionals to find Contentment by teaching Happiness Management.
From a young age, I gravitated towards understanding & solving problems of people. So I experimented with teaching, training, counselling before understanding my true call of ‘coaching’.
Remember your subconscious mind is very clever. It doesn’t let you sleep if you are just preaching & not implementing in your life. So, after experimenting a lot, I finally came up with a module of ‘Happiness Management’ where I empower people to Create, Manage & Control their own happiness.

Jigyasa Satsangi